IAEA DS518a on Safety of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Facilities and DS518b on Safety of Nuclear Fuel Research and Development Facilities

Closed 10 Jul 2023

Opened 17 Apr 2023



ARPANSA coordinates comments on behalf of Australia on IAEA draft documents. The IAEA is seeking comments from their member states on two new draft IAEA Safety Guides DS518a on Safety of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Facilities and DS518b on Safety of Nuclear Fuel Research and Development Facilities.

What is the purpose of the guide? 

The object of the two safety guides is to provide comprehensive, consistent and up-to-date recommendations on implementing the safety requirements in the safety of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities and other relevant safety requirements as they apply to nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities and nuclear fuel cycle research and development facilities.

How to make a comment

Comments are requested in relation to:  

  • Relevance and usefulness: Are the stated objectives appropriate and are they met by the draft text? 
  • Scope and completeness: Is the scope appropriate and is it adequately covered by the draft text?  
  • Quality and clarity: Does the guidance in the draft text represent the current consensus among specialists in the field and is this guidance expressed clearly and coherently?  
  • Safety-security interfaces: Does the draft text appropriately address the interfaces between safety and nuclear security?  

Comments of an editorial nature will be considered; however, it should be noted that the draft text will be comprehensively edited by the IAEA Secretariat. Any comments should be made in English, should refer to the relevant paragraph number in the draft text being reviewed, and should propose alternative text where appropriate.

ARPANSA will compile all comments before providing the national input to the IAEA. Please use the comment templates for individual guides provided to have your say.

Please submit the comment template(s) via email to stakeholdercomment@arpansa.gov.au.